NEONSIGNS.HK - Crocodile Garments Limited (1990s)
Crocodile Garments Limited (1990s)
219 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Submitted by M+
Neon signs have sometimes been the subject of copyright disputes. Such was the case with this neon sign, which was erected by Crocodile Garments Limited, but closely resembled the logo of the French brand Lacoste: ‘I believe this is the only non-verbal sign illuminating the waterfront. A garment manufacturer registered this mark in Hong Kong before a French brand of knitted polo shirts [Lacoste], also sporting amphibious reptiles- albeit facing right, became interested in distributing in the territory. Although the overseas company had owned the emblem for decades prior to the local organization’s start, they were enjoined from selling here until the owner of the pictured brand struck a deal with his erstwhile competitors, allowing both of the embroidered sa
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