Christopher Doyle: Filming in the Neon World

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Artist Bio
Christopher Doyle is an Australian, an internationally acclaimed cinematographer and have been working on films in the last four decades. Chris has won 42 awards and 19 nominations at film festivals around the world, including the Grand Technical Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for In the Mood for Love, as well as the Osella d’Oro for Best Cinematography for Ashes of Time at the Venice International Film Festival etc. 

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The Music Bed

Cultural Connections

Special Thanks:
Christopher Doyle
Nansun Shi
Ken Hui
Jet Tone Productions Ltd
Nam Wah Neonlight & Electrical Manufactory Ltd

Produced by M+, West Kowloon Cultural District as part of the online exhibition “Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK” curated by Aric Chen (Curator, Design and Architecture) and Tobias Berger (Curator, Visual Art), with Shirley Surya (Assistant Curator, Design and Architecture) and Chloe Chow (Curatorial Assistant).