Beauty of Imperfection in Neon

Due to the lack of maintenance, many neon signs resulted in missing strokes or whole radicals. Yet some of the signs radiated an unexpected sense of humour with a totally different meaning to its original name, such as the 369 Restaurant and Urban Bakery Works.


1. Famous 369 Restaurant now becomes 69 Restaurant

2. Tycoon' becomes 'Raising stakes against you'

3. Is it a Bakery or a Bar?

4. A restaurant that only opens during Autumn and Winter

5. Na Hand? (Old China Hand)

6. Golden 'Electric Moon' Centre (a famous computer centre)

7. When Patchun Sweetened Vinegar is no longer "sweet"

8. Make a "Big" bet

9. How glorious the sun is, yet it is setting (Dusk)

10. Is this mall selling building materials or "enema"?

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